My experience with LedgerFix has been beyond my expectations. In today’s business world it is nice to have a company that can point and keep you in the right. Their diverse experience on both the technical and accounting side is a difficult combination to find. LedgerFix has given us the peace of mind and expertise to run our day to day business.

Steve Wilmes

LedgerFix is one of our favorite vendors. We always know that our need for service will be handled and Jim is great to work with. He can explain complex issues is simple fashion so that all of us can understand. I would recommend this company to everyone.

Don Robinson

I’ve been working with Jim for 3 years and he has been a huge help. Our business is doing great and that has a lot to do with our accurate and strong that our financials. I won’t make a significant change of any kind without Jim’s input. Anyone trying to run a business without a QuickBooks adviser like Jim is crazy!

Brandon Bailey

Jim is extremely knowledgeable of accounting and QuickBooks and is very easy to work with. He has taken my accounting from a disaster and has put me on the path to having consistent and accurate numbers for me to monitor my business. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who needs help with QuickBooks or accounting.

Mike McCord

The support I received from Jim was outstanding. I would strongly recommend Ledgerfix for any/all issues with Quickbooks.

Marvin Ormerod

Jim has made it so much easier for me to understand how to keep my books in order. I wish I would have found him years ago! I’d recommend him to every business owner!

Blair Leano-Helvey

Excellent support. Jim Wells was able to break things down so they were UNDERSTANDABLE and his opinions as to things i should be doing BASED ON MY SITUATION were invaluable. Although I think Intuit factory support is great, there are a lot of things they simply cannot comment on (what you should or should not do).

Jim Elder

Do you enjoy staying up late to record invoices and pay bills?

We figure most entrepreneurs have better things to do with their time. LedgerFix is in the business to provide quality, comprehensive QuickBooks® bookkeeping services to small businesses like yours. Starting out in business requires time, effort, and of course, money.

Unfortunately, many small business owners are forced to either pay costly fees to accounting firms, or spend long, frustrating nights trying to keep up with the books themselves. LedgerFix specializes in providing the services that your office does not have the time or expertise to handle.